Saturday, January 7, 2017

Baking Gru's house with Minions

Hey! I wish you a Very Happy New Year

I hope you had wonderful Holidays, and if you baked like me the whole time, 
I think we all wish to have a good rest now. :) 

OMG last year it was a really busy season for me, (you could guess, that is why I haven't been posting lately) I changed my workplace, and I have a financial office job again, so baking got back to my hobby again... 

But I still bake a lot, like every weekend, I even took some photos of them, just I missed to upload them, sorry. However, you can follow some of them on our Facebook page. ;) 

I baked a lot for Christmas, too, lots of cookies, islers, linzers, gingerbread and yes... A Gingerbread house. A really special one, I baked Gru's house! :D