Saturday, June 25, 2016

Testing post - Knife challenge

Hi Dears, 
I got a super exciting request to test and review honestly a hand-made professional knife.
 I got the chance to use this knife for some weeks to be able to provide my opinion on it. 
I accepted, as I was curious, and it didn't need too much effort on my side, as I cook every weekend, anyway. I tried as many things to cut as I could in the past three weeks.
(It is not a sponsored post, I highlight it again, these will be my honest lines. :) ) 

Saturday, June 4, 2016

Wedding season started

Hi Dears, 
Summer just started, that means we can go on our holidays soon, but also that means that the WEDDING Season started, too. :)
There is a time in everybody's life when wedding means a lot to us, especially when we are having our own.

As I started to plan our own wedding, I realised that I know too little about weddings. I had an idea in my had, how I imagined my perfect wedding, me and my fiancé happily say yes to each other somewhere in the nature. 
But organising it to be perfect is a much more difficult job.

So, I decided to study wedding planning. :) Soon I will have my degree on it, who knows, besides mine, I will be able to plan other's special big day, too. :D
Ours will be next year if everything goes well, but this year one of my best friends had her wedding. 

It was her idea, to make bon-bons for the guests as a thank you gift. Of course I helped her make them :)
+ The same week one of my high school teacher, who I really liked, asked me to bake a wedding cake for her daughter. I was so afraid of it, as it was my first time to bake such an important cake :) Would I succeed? Will they like it? But she trusted me, and the cake was only 20 pieces so I accepted the challenge, and baked it.
They asked a carrot cake with white icing on top, no marzipan or fondant, and to decorate the top with the icing itself, modestly, and to have a note Mazel tov.
I enjoyed baking and decorating it, as they allowed me to go on my taste, I didn't have to follow any other guidelines.