Saturday, August 22, 2015


Hi Dears,

Today, I brought You little, sweet sandvich-looking darlings, that you can find in all of the traditional confectioneries in Hungary. 

When I was a trainee in one of them, for almost half a year, I filled thousands of these with jam. The fun part (which I think is the fun part) is to create the shells with the decorating bag, was always the professional's job, as that was the part where the neros could go wrong. Each and every neros should be the same size to look beautiful in a plate.

The other big challenge while baking it, is actually the baking time. One second you see them unbaked, in the next second they are burned. 
If you ask any confectioners which product burns the most, they would answer the neros.  

However, the customers love them, and so do we.
Why? After you fill them with jam, give them 2-3 hours (in the confectioneries they even give them 2-3 days to let them soften) and you will have the softest, and the tastiest  little sweet sandwiches of the World. 

I don't really know why we have the 'Macaron craziness' everywhere, when we have a much more delicious sweet, yes if you like the colors, you can color this sponge, too. And yes you can use any kind of filling for this sweet, too, like ganache, cream, etc..

So, Neros I am cheering for You, to win over Macarons!!!

Sunday, August 16, 2015

Cottage cheese Cake with nectarine

Hi Dears,
I have 2 months till my final exam at my pastry school, and I still have some pastries, cakes, and creams to practice.
Last week I baked two of them, neros (which are little soft biscuits filled with jam - you can have the recipe in my following post) and this Cottage cheese cake. 
We celebrated my fiancé's grandma's Name Day as well, so the cake was my gift to her. :)
I am short in time as now I have a full time job, and at home we are under a home renovation. 
If I had more time I would cover the cake side with cream and maybe cover it with almonds, it would make the cake even more beautiful and would give a finished look. Anyway, I didn't bake it, just to look at it, we cut it right away, I took it from the fridge, and believe me it was tasty! In this hot summer it was great refreshment as we cooled it for 3 hours in the fridge.