Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Isler Cake

Hi Dears!
It's the end of March already? 
So much had happened since I last wrote here...
For example we had 3 birthday and 4 namedays to celebrate, for which I had to bake of course... :D 
I have 8-10, I don't really know for sure, how much, but I have a lot recipes to share with You! :) 
Another big happening in my life was to finish my internship in the Caffé I was trained for 5 months. Normally people would have a small break now, but me? Why would I? I'm starting tomorrow my extra internship in the hotel I was working before, as a receptionist, only now I will be confectioner trainee. :) 
But let's get back to this cake. This is my own idea, a revolutionary, to use the Isler pastry to make a cake.

Monday, March 16, 2015

Visiting the Ice cream Exhibition

Spring is finally here, that means ice cream season starts as well. :) 
And to start it in a glamorous way the biggest ice cream exhibition was held for 3 days in Budapest. 
As a confectioner trainee I felt it's my duty to be there.
(And let's face it who wouldn't have gone to taste the new ice cream creations of the year? :D )  So I visited it with my fiancé. 
I brought You my little review of the event and more than 30 tasteful pictures of it! 

Thursday, March 5, 2015


Hi Dears, 
Do You know what's your nightmare cookie?
The pathé... It's so delicious, and moist, and it's only one bite right? You always want another one... So bye bye diet, it will kill that all...
But it worth it, I promise.
The best about them is the technique, as we can create dozens of different styles and forms, I studied this at school, so the recipe is their invention. :)
Let's see how to bake them...