Thursday, July 31, 2014

Our vacation at Lake Balaton

Hi Dears,
I was wondering how much You know about the Hungarian sea? :)
Here, I think most of us, from the little ones to the grandpas, and grandmas, everyone loves going to Lake Balaton for a week, or just some days, every summer. 
A summer without Balaton is like a wasted year, it's like a nonsense for the Hungarians. 
Of course if a family can afford going further, like to a real sea, to Italy or Croatia is another thing, but to go there by the motorway , it crosses the area of Lake Balaton as well, so they can have a rest there, too. :) 

This year we spent here just 3 days, but it was a real refreshment for us.

Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Cherry or Chocolate sponge cake

Hello Dears,
Look what a spongy, moist cake pieces I brought you today! :)

Sorry for not posting for a while, but if you work in hotel industry, you know weekends are on weekdays, and usually you get the two days separately, so I usually have a good sleep, do some household duties, watch some shows on TV, (of course recipe, food channels are the favorites of mine..) and the day is over... 
But don't worry, I didn't stop baking, just I am a bit late with posting these.

+ We are in another project besides the usual, we are looking for cute, small flats with my fiance. 
This will be our very first own property, so it's really exciting.
 (And tiring also, but it should be, right?)

Now let me introduce a bit this cake. It is a tricky cake, as I hided mashed peaches in the cake batter. :) It made it extra tasty, and soft. 
And even my boyfriend didn't recognize it, as he doesn't like any fruits in cakes. 
(That was the reason I made the cake half chocolaty, and the other half  with cherries, because I do love them in pastries, so everyone could enjoy the cake)

Monday, July 21, 2014

Lemonade in another way

Hi Dears,
I hope You all feeling fine in the warm middle of the summer. :)

I brought a bit of a refreshment today, and with it, 
I'm continuing the "How to use more the silicone ice-cube mold?" topic... 
Part II.

Firstly, I showed how You can freeze coffee in them to have ice-coffee any time You wish in 3 seconds.
Now it's kind of the same preparation, only with lemon juice to have a fresh cold lemonade. :)

Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Visiting the Chocolate Museum

Hello! :)
Guess where I was! 
I have been to a Chocolate Museum, and I can tell You it was like Heaven! :) 
We tasted so much chocolate, that usually I never consume half of that amount in a month, but since You are there, You just can't resist any of them.
I brought You many-many pictures, and a story of course, 
so let me start Your virtual-tour...

Saturday, July 12, 2014

Peach cake with marzipan coverage

Hi Dears,
So I'm back from our 3-day-long holiday, we were at Lake Balaton, as You might know it from our FB page (where we can meet almost everyday, come and join :) ) 
But, before that we celebrated my Mother's birthday, and I baked here a light, summertime Peach cake. I covered it with yellow marzipan, and decorated it with marzipan flowers that I cut out with my new flower mold fondant cutters. 
(I ordered it from ebay, 4 pieces for just 1 dollar or so, and they make life so much easier, I love them. :) )