Monday, April 21, 2014

Easter Cookies with cinnamon

Happy Easter My Dear Readers! :)
I hope You were all with Your family, and friends, having a picnic, or maybe you went egg-hunting? :D 
Here, the custom for Monday: for the boys, they study some little Easter poems, rhymes, and they visit the girls, douse them with buckets of water/cologne, to ensure they become good wives and bare many children. 
For that, they receive beautifully decorated eggs, that girls prepared for them days before the celebration. 
(But now chocolate eggs, chocolate bunnies are also popular)
 So, how do You celebrate Easter?
For the occasion I brought chicken and bunny cookies, for which I used cute cookie stampers. :) 

Thursday, April 17, 2014

Carrot Cake muffins & Coffee muffins

Hey Guys! :)

So, as I promised before, I brought the next dessert idea to make for Easter.
Actually, right now I have two muffin-ideas, which You can easily make at the same time. :)
I think everybody likes sweet coffee flavored pastry with chocolate chips inside, so You can't make a mistake with these coffee-muffins. (There are chocolate little eggs on top). 

And which were even more popular, those were my Carrot cake muffins! I thought it would be the other way around, but I'm happy about it. 
Carrot is a great ingredient, and gives a beautiful  natural orange color! :)
 I wanted to make a picture of my Easter muffins with a bunny, but since I didn't find any, I used my super-cute hamster instead. 
I love her, I got it for graduation! ♥ (I'm really a child inside)

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Happy Pudding Brownie

Hello Dears!
Guess what You will get from me! ;)
I have a bunch of Easter dessert recipes for You!
 So I will try to post every other day a dessert until Monday, so when the little boys and the gentlemen are coming to us on Monday we  will be prepared with a lot of goodies. 
This brownie is enhanced with two kinds of puddings, vanilla and strawberry. So the cake will be mottled with rosy and yellow creams, which make it happy-Easter looking, having the atmosphere of decorated Easter eggs. :)
Plus, this recipe is really easy, and quick! :)

Sunday, April 13, 2014

Heaven cake with marscapone, cottage cheese and strawberries

Hi Dears! 
Do You have a dessert custom for Easter
Since it will be next week, I'm thinking about it for a while, what to bake/make for dessert. 
Here the usual dishes are boiled eggs with ham and milk loaf. 
But milk loaf is not a dessert in my opinion, it's a really tasty bread-like pastry, which happens to be sweet. We eat it as a side-dish with the ham, and sometimes with jam or with the nice company of honey and butter. 
Usually I bake a cake, or funny, fruity muffins for the occasion. Like my Bunny cake which I made 2 years ago. 
So if You have any suggestion, please leave a comment here. :) 

But now I brought a no-bake cake, that I made for a family gathering (again). 
It was a huge success, with the light creamy marscapone and cottage cheese.
 It was really like a tasty cloud from Heaven, and the strawberries were like the angels sitting perfectly on the cotton wool-like-cake.

For the base of the cake I used diabetic crushed cookies, just because I had them, but any cookies would make it perfect. :)

Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Frankfurter Croissant

Hey Guys! :)I hope You are doing and feeling fine! 
I'm happy to announce that I am busy again. (The reason is that I finally have a job again, where I am working in a small restaurant :) )  
+  there was another big happening around here, which is a secret for now, but I will tell it later.
But still, I have time for baking, since this is my favorite hobby, so now I brought a salty-sausage - filled little croissant recipe. 
Mines bursted a bit, but they were super tasty! ;)
Let's see how it was done...

Friday, April 4, 2014

Sacher Cake with cherries

Hi Dears!
As I hinted before on our FB page, we have cake anarchy here... This is the third cake in a row, and let me tell you a secret... There will be a 4th coming soon! :D 
Yes, there are way too many celebrations in my family during March... 
4 name days, 3 birthdays... 
This special Sacher Cake was my lovely Grandfather's. He doesn't like creamy cakes, he said he loved the cakes which he could bite  in the middle. So that's why Sacher cake with it's chocolaty sponge and jam in the middle is perfect for the occasion. And to enhance the flavors, I put cherries in the sponge, to make it a little bit lighter. Plus as a decoration on the top I used dried apricots, which were soaked previously in rum & milk. Yum! And of course I am mastering the Technic of making marzipan flowers, so this cake has a lot of them to be pretty. :D 
If You would like to get the original recipe for Sacher, I already have that post, just click here. 
Now let's see the preparation for this cake...