Sunday, November 24, 2013

Walnut Brownie

Hey-ho! :) How are You? Advent is coming soon! :D
I am so exciting. I love this season. Usually, I start to be in Christmas mood only in December, but the hotel is in full of Xmas decoration for about a week, where I work as a receptionist, so I decorated our room as well, a bit at home. :D 
I can't wait to bake the gingerbread cookies, I would like to decorate them right now if I could. :) 
Instead I baked this Brownie some days ago with walnuts, when I was busy, finishing my diploma work. So it's an easy, and fast recipe. 
Let me praise myself, it was really good. :D

Friday, November 15, 2013

Mole-hill cake with fondant

Hi Dears! :) 
Feeling good? I'm really fine, as I nearly finished my diploma work. /the clever ending is missing, but I think in another off day from work I can do that as well/ :D Yay! 
Recently my boyfriend celebrated his birthday, and this cake was my creation for him.
To be honest it wasn't intended to be a Mole-hill cake, haha, but as the pot-cake didn't come out nicely after it was baked, I decided to change the form of the cake... 
So this mole-hill cake happened, which I think is even more fun than a regular. 
I covered it with home-made fondant. It should represent a half apple, but my boyfriend thought it was a cherry, so... Whatever You think it is. :D

Thursday, November 7, 2013

Coffee Brownie

Hello! :) 
I hope You can spare a little time, when the weather is fine, to go out a bit to the nature. I love the autumn colors and I would love to go out! :) 

It's a pity that this year I'm writing my thesis every single day when I'm not at work so I can only go out to the garden. Which is beautiful as well, as You can see. :) 
I baked this Brownie for my best friend, as we haven't met for months, so it would have been a shame for me, if I didn't bake anything for her.
 So autumn gave me the inspiration, and this Coffee Brownie happened, as I had some leaf-shaped cookies with me. 
It was sweet, soft and delicious. Give it a try! :)