Thursday, October 31, 2013

Big Sandwich

Happy Halloween! :) 
Do You celebrate it? Here we don't really. Of course there are some Halloween themed parties around the city, but for the fun part, children don't gather sweets with 'Trick or Treats'
However I would love to create some tricks if I were younger. :D 

Usually the All Hallows' Day spirit enhance the previous days here, and we go to graveyards for visiting loved relatives. 

Maybe in some years, we will have the Halloween part as well, with all those funny sweets as well.

And I created this Very Big Sandwich a while ago. I saw it on Facebook many pages, so I decided I had to try it. :)
 I  bought a big loaf of bread, bacon, cheese and onion and gave it a go. :D Usually we (4 people in the family) don't eat 1 kg of bread in once, but we ate this one in secs. So be careful with this, if You are on a diet! :D 

Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Vanilla baskets with pomegranate

How are You? I feel  really sad these days, but as I have a lot desserts from last week, I came to share it. It makes me busy and cheers me up a bit.
Like these vanilla baskets, the inspiration came from the famous Creme brulée-s. 
The basket is made of cookie pastry, in the middle there is vanilla cream, on the top a tablespoon of baked egg white foam, and of course pomegranates. 

Thursday, October 24, 2013

Lentil Pottage

Hi Dears,
So I've just brought You another Hungarian main course instead of a dessert as I would. 
Actually, I don't cook every day, but I love it as well as baking, just usually I don't need to cook. (I get lunch in the canteen at work, or my mom's or my boyfriend's mom cooks lunches in the weekends) But still, I learnt cooking for about 1,5 years in College, and whenever I have time, and have an empty-of-mothers kitchen I can cook. :)
And this one is a pottage, which is a side dish here.
 (And not a soup :) ) It's much more thicker, You should try. 
In the traditional restaurants they use thickening (with oil and flour) , in the modern ones they skip it, and they mix half of it with a blender to get it more thicker. But me, I prefer the thickening with milk + flour, You will see. 

Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Lazy whipped cream Cake

Hello! :) 
Would You like to make a great looking cake , which is easy, and requires about 30 minutes to make, without any baking talent? 
(Okay, this needs some hours to sit in the middle of the fridge), but honestly, this cake is the easiest of all. :) That's why I called it "Lazy".
I made it for my Daddy's 50 birthday.

And in the old posts I called cookies as biscuits, but I got some comments asking if they were supposed to be the same or not. So, in my blog yes. :D Because I thought the only difference was British or American English I was using  . But I just learnt that biscuit means a real different dinner roll type as well, that I would call scones, so.. If I was confusing using the word 'biscuits' a lot in the previous post, sorry. :) You can use any type of cookies for these recipes. :)

And I really liked this cake, especially with a big cup of milky coffee. (I even put a ball of it to the top of my coffee once, so You can use it for extra comfort in the morning as well, besides the regular cake form. :D 

Thursday, October 10, 2013

Sacher Cupcake

Hello Again! :)

I've chosen to be the representative of Hungary in an international recipe eBook. Yay! :D
(I don't know how popular  a recipe eBook can be nowadays? Personally, I haven't got any... And to be honest I don't have an eBook reader, neither. I prefer reading real books. But still... This makes me so proud. :D ) 

And as I have found my lost recipes, I can share them with You now. :) Like this Sacher Cupcakes.
I made them for my colleagues' birthday, which was one day before mine, so we had a group celebration at the hotel. And the inspiration came also from them, as my colleague has a secret Sacher recipe...
I don't know if I can tell the secret, but... Here is it:
 Step 1: Grab the brownie from the canteen.
Step 2: Cut it up horizontally.
Step 3: Fill it with jam. 
That's it... :D 
So, honestly, mine is a little bit more complicated,  as we didn't have brownies at home, just simply ready. 
But it's easy, and fun. And as I have a Sacher Cake on the blog with the original recipe (You can check) I decided to make them in cupcakes. :) Cheers!

Monday, October 7, 2013

Cake with Cocoa Rolls

Hello! How are You? :) 

I have big changes in my life. I moved in with my boyfriend ♥ (partly). So that's the reason of my missing, and another, that because of the lots of packing I lost some of my recipes... 

But don't worry, I have them now. :) So for example this cake was my idea to bake. I thought it would be like the Cocoa rolls from the bakeries, but actually it tastes more like a dense cake.